Pastoral Counseling

As you begin to process all the ways that you, your loved ones, community, and world have been affected by the corona virus, it can be helpful to have trained listeners with whom you feel safe and supported  in sharing your feelings and concerns that have emerged due to this crisis. Both Pastor Todd and Pastor Christie are trained in Pastoral Counseling and are happy to meet with you now by phone or social networking platform, and eventually in person once isolation restrictions lift. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us at any time. We want to offer all we can to be of benefit to your emotional, psychosocial, and spiritual well-being.

 Rev. Todd Hackman



Senior Pastor
Rev. Todd Hackman 


St. John's United Church of Christ
1724 14th Street
Monroe, WI 53566

Phone: 608-325-2165
(After hours voicemail available)

Fax: 608-325-2290

Associate Pastor
Rev. Christie Mandas

Articles for Pastoral Care


Addressing Mental Health Series:
Easing Fear During the Pandemic


Daily Quarantine Ritual


Easing Grief


Coming out of quarantine


Coming back to church 



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Zoom Bible Study on the second half of the Book of Isaiah
When: Thursdays, May 14-June 25
Time: 7pm-8:00pm
Why is it important to look deeply into the Book of Isaiah?
Whereas the first part of the Book of Isaiah focused on the cruelty and oppression of the people by the rulers and God's justice upon them, the second part of the book focuses on God's mercy and forgiveness.  In early Christianity, it was held in such high regard as to be called "the Fifth Gospel." Furthermore, its influence extends beyond Christianity to English literature and to Western culture in general, from the libretto of Handel's Messiah to well-known phrases as "swords into ploughshares"  and "voice in the wilderness." 
Please join Pastor Christie as we learn more about this influential book together noting how much it impacted Jesus and the Gospel writers.  Join by sending an email to Christie by May 7th. 

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